Preventive health checks are important !!

Health checks ?

health checkup

Well preventive health checks simply means regular visits to doctor for normal health check-ups.It’s really frustrating that most Indians go to hospital only after falling ill. Majority of the population are still unaware about the relevance of preventive health checkups. One really carries the ailment until it grows to pose as a challenge before the doctor, which he could proudly carry to the clinic as a trophy. A country  having 62 millions diabetics, and 10% of its population suffering from hypertension, necessary annual checkups of person above 40 is the need of hour. Our food habits are really more rich which makes us poor in the hands of modern age Dhanvantris (doctors). Lots of ghee , lots of butter, no soup, no salads….! What is the result? Of course the above data don’t surprise!

Preventive health checks are designed in a fashion so as to give an insight into all the the incumbent ailments and make us prepare in advance to face them in an efficient and life magnifying manner. There lies a social responsibility on the part of the government to make such checkups available at all the government hospital free of cost. Agreed!! Our medical infrastructure lacks……..The hospitals are already overburdened with serious patients. But can’t the government just act in a more responsible fashion and start from an awareness campaign regarding preventive health check and gradually stretching the list of government hospitals having such facility.

Dear would be patients! Don’t carry the time bomb tickling until it blasts. Come on!! Lets detonate it.


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