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2 years ago

Inflammation problem?

27YO male
Chronic Tonsillitis
recurrent pharyngitis
thick white mucus and constant post nasal drip
headaches, brain fog
constant back and neck pain
Cystic acne
Bad and worsening irritable bowel
Erectile dysfunction
All of these problems have built up over the past two years (apart from the irritable bowel, which has been getting worse for about 8 years.
Is there an underlying condition to explain all or most of these symptoms, or could one be causing all or some of the others?
Any advice?

3 years ago

Answer for Guptang problem

You might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Get Serum testosterone level checked and consult a sexologist for further guidance.

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Womb on sale: Surrogacy in India

A large section of population wants to have their own children, most preferably. But in some cases, that is not possible. It can be because of inability to conceive in the wife or the husband, or the couple being gay or a single man or woman desiring to have his or her own child. In such cases, those people can go for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) surrogacy in India. They can easily opt for India as the costs are much lower here and also chances of finding a surrogate mother here are quite high.

So, evidently there are many such unfortunate couples and individuals out there who cannot bear their own children. But they can still become parents by opting for surrogacy. And hence the demand graph for surrogacy peaks inevitably. Regardless of this great demand, there are moral issues surrounding this surrogacy debate, a kind of moral conflict turning this great opportunity into a great controversy. As a matter of fact, there are various laws in the US defining exactly what is acceptable about IVF and what goes against the law and should not be practised. Turning towards India for surrogacy can in such situations boost hopes of such unfortunate couples.

What are the Advantages of choosing India for IVF Surrogacy?

  • It will cost you only a fraction of that in the US or anywhere else.
  • Medical tourism is a large and well organized industry in India, and hence India is well equipped to cater to your needs.
  • Legitimate, and well prepared IVF centers in India and specialists are set up with various screened and tried surrogate mother in their documents. The ladies comprehend, and have concurred that conveying another family’s youngster is a job for which they are being enlisted, and that when the infant is conceived it will be given over to its appointing guardians.

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What are the various laws guiding the IVF Surrogacy in India?


  • There is no law confining any outsider originating from another nation and enlisting surrogate mother in India to give birth to their babies.


  • The outsiders opting for IVF surrogacy can be either married or unmarried, gay, or single.

In any case, in light of the fact that there is likewise no international law with respect to surrogacy, now and then the legitimate nationality and lawful parentage of the kid can bring about perplexity when the new family returns home.

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Another law is as of now being discussed in the Indian parliament. In addition to other things, it contains arrangements for:

  • An independent agency that will monitor and take care of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) banks. Instead of the clinics, these banks are designated to recruit the surrogate mothers in India. This move also empowers the mothers with greater independence to negotiate their own fees.
  • Each mother is limited to only 5 surrogate pregnancies.
  • Each surrogate mother is entitled to an age limit of 35 years.
  • An earlier assurance that the nation of origin of the charging guardians will acknowledge the child as theirs once it is conceived

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What things you ought to Consider Before Planning your Trip to India for IVF Surrogacy?

Research the capabilities of the IVF specialists in India and their centers, so you know the ones you need to work with. Additionally, investigate the laws in regards to surrogacy in your nation or state on the accompanying:

  • Will you be legitimately perceived as a parent or guardians of the newborn?
  • Will your newborn be perceived as yours and be issued a passport to come back to your nation of origin?
  • Will you need to experience adoption procedures before the newborn will be viewed as yours?

A few nations require a DNA test to demonstrate that the newborn is identified with one of the authorizing parents. A few nations would need consent from the birth parent (the surrogate mother) before the commissioning parent  is permitted to travel to his or her own country with the child.

You are highly advised to get an agreement made covering every one of these issues signed by every one of the members . It is likewise fitting for the commissioning parents to employ a legal counselor in their nation of origin who can work with an attorney in India to draft the agreement.

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Why should you Travel for IVF Surrogacy to India?

Since a large number of individuals as of now have and are content with their newborns, you should travel to India for surrogacy for the following reasons:

  • India already has the mastery and the experience, needed to deliver surrogacy.
  • The nature and quality of surrogate moms working with the best IVF specialists in India is the finest.
  • The expenses will be much lower.

Going to your pregnant surrogate and being there at the birth of your child additionally, will give you the chance to encounter the marvels of a rich, delightful, old culture. IVF surrogacy in India is turning into the favoured choice for unfortunate childless couples and individuals all around the world.

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Diabetes treatment in India


We all have a craze for chocolates, candies, fresh juices, & ice-creams. What do you think is the major ingredient of all these stuff? Yes, it is the sugar. Though we all love the taste of it, we hardly think of the effects that sugar has on health. Added sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. This article will help you understand the harmful effects sugar has on metabolism and the other sort of diseases it contributes to. Here are some disturbing reasons why you should avoid added sugar in your diet:

  • Added sugar contains no essential nutrients:

   It contains a whole much of calories but no essential nutrients. This is the reason it is called as “empty calories”. It gives nothing healthy or it can be considered as a toxic poison that causes a number of physical and emotional ailments. Sugar does not contain any proteins, fats, vitamins or minerals. It is just a source of energy. People consuming about 10-20% of sugar will suffer from nutrient deficiency. It can also cause tooth decay by feeding the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

  • Added sugar can overload your liver:

Before the sugar enters the bloodstream from the digestive tract, it is broken down into two forms: glucose & fructose. Glucose is present in every living cell. If the body didn’t get sufficient amounts from the diet then the body will produce glucose on its own. But, it is a different case with fructose. There is no physiological need for it and our body doesn’t produce it in significant amounts. The drawback with fructose is that is can only be metabolized in the liver. Eating a lot of fructose will cause it to turn into fat. This can lead to fatty liver disease.

  • Sugar can cause insulin resistance- stepping stone towards diabetes:

Insulin is a very important hormone which allows the glucose to enter the bloodstream. The cells then burn the glucose instead of fat. Having too much of glucose in the blood is harmful as it can result in complications of diabetes such as blindness.

  • Sugar- the cancer agent:

  Cancer is the main reason for death worldwide and is characterized by multiplication of cancerous cells. Insulin plays an important role in regulating this sort of growth. Studies show that people who eat a lot of sugar are at higher risk of getting cancer.

  • Sugar- the unique fat promoting agent:

  Different foods will have different effects on the brain. Not all the calories are created in equal amounts. More amount of fructose in the diet can lessen brain activity. It can also lower the hunger hormone ghrelin.

  • Sugar is highly addictive:

Like many abusive drugs, sugar can also turn out to be addictive. This is because it releases massive dopamine in the brain which causes addiction among a lot of people.

  • Sugar- leading contributor to obesity:

  Sugar is a leading contributor to obesity both among children and adults. It decreases satiety because of which people lose control over consumption. People who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to become overweight or obese. This is applicable to all age groups.

  • Sugar- the heart disease triggering agent:

It is not the fat it is the sugar that causes cholesterol and heart diseases among the people. However, people blamed the saturated fat for various heart diseases but the new studies show that the saturated fat is actually harmless. A large amount of fructose in the body will raise blood glucose and insulin levels which result in obesity. These are all the major factors contributing to heart diseases.

Here are few more valid reasons for one to do away with sugar cubes.

  • Sugar can impair eyesight
  • Sugar can destroy DNA structure
  • Sugar can cause hypoglycemia
  • Sugar can cause gallstones
  • Sugar can increase cholesterol and systolic blood pressure
  • Sugar can cause drowsiness & decreased activity in children
  • Sugar can change the structure of protein
  • Sugar can cause cataract
  • Sugar can cause atherosclerosis
  • Sugar lowers enzyme ability to function
  • Sugar can damage pancreas
  • Sugar can increase the risk of gastric cancer
  • Sugar can cause depression
  • Sugar can lead to formation of kidney stones
  • Sugar can lead to prostate cancer
  • Sugar can induce cell death

Consumption of sugar greater than recommended amounts can result in a number of dangerous diseases. It can increase the risk of cancer, overweight, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and liver diseases. It is something much greater than causing cavities and thus needs a closer look at it. If you would like to know more about the harmful effects of sugar on the human body in detail, you can contact our doctors on or call us at +918010555444.

In this article, we will have a deeper look at diabetes caused by sugar and its impact on living body.

Diabetes is also referred to as diabetes mellitus which is a group of metabolic disease in which the patient has high blood sugar because either the insulin production is inadequate or the body cells do not respond properly to insulin or both. People with high blood sugar will experience frequent urination, become increasingly thirsty and hungry.

There are basically 3 types of diabetes. They are:

  • Type-1 diabetes:

It is also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes, juvenile diabetes or early-onset diabetes. People develop this type of diabetes usually around their 40’s, early adulthood or teenage. Type-1 diabetic patients do not produce insulin. It is a very rare case. Only 10% of all the diabetic cases are type-1.

  • Type-2 diabetes:

Type-2 diabetes is a more common case. About 90% of the diabetic cases are of this type. In this type, the body does not produce enough insulin for the proper functioning or the body cells do not respond properly to the insulin. People can control the symptoms by losing weight, following a healthy diet, and monitoring blood glucose levels. Type-2 diabetes gradually gets worse and the patient will have to probably take insulin tablets at the end. People suffering from obesity and those overweight are at higher risk of suffering from type-2 diabetes. Being overweight or obese can cause changes in the body to release chemicals that can destabilize the body’s metabolism and cardiovascular systems.

  • Gestational diabetes:

This type affects the females during pregnancy. Some women have high levels of glucose in blood and the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin to transport the glucose to different parts of the body. This type of diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise.

Treatment for diabetes:

All types of diabetes are treatable. Type-1 diabetes lasts a lifetime is there is no known cure for it. However, type-2 diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise. Patients with type-1 diabetes are regularly given insulin injections as well as special diet and exercise. Whereas people with type-2 diabetes are treated with tablets, special diet, and exercise.

The below is the list of complications which result due to badly controlled diabetes:

  • Eye complications such as cataract, glaucoma, and others
  • Diabetic patients are more prone to skin infections and skin disorders
  • They are more susceptible to cardiovascular problems
  • It increases the risk of suffering from depression, anxiety
  • They have higher risk of developing hearing problems
  • There is a much higher prevalence of gum disease among diabetic patients
  • If blood pressure and cholesterol levels are not controlled it can increase the risk of stroke
  • It also results in erectile dysfunction problems.

Keeping the famous quote in mind “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” we provide you the 10 simple ways that help prevent type-2 diabetes:

  • Check your risk of diabetes once in every 6 months
  • Make efforts to manage your weight
  • Exercise regularly to reduce blood glucose levels.
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Quit smoking
  • Control your blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Have regular health check-ups
  • Avoid taking junk foods as it has high salt content

To get more health tips and preventive measure about diabetes contact our doctors on Free Doctor Helpline or call us at +918010555444.

Medicines to control diabetes:

  • Short-acting insulin: Humolin & Novolin
  • Rapid-acting insulin: Novolog,flex pen,Apidra,Humalog
  • Intermediate-acting insulin: humolin N, Novolin N
  • Long-acting insulin: tresiba, Levemir, Lantus,toujeo

Home remedies for diabetes:

# HOLI BASIL LEAVES: consume 2 to 3 tulsi leaves or a tablespoon full of its juice on empty stomach to lower blood sugar.

#FLAX SEEDS: consume one tablespoon of ground flaxseed powder in the warm water early in the morning in empty stomach. Do not drink more than 2 tablespoons per day.

#CINNAMON: include about 1 gram of cinnamon in your daily diet for a month. This can help reduce blood sugar.

#GREENTEA: drink a cup of green tea early in the morning or even before your meals.

#DRUMSTICK LEAVES: take a few drumstick leaves, wash and crush them to extract juice.  Drink this juice on empty stomach every morning.

#BITTER GOURD: consume bitter gourd at least once a week in some form or the other. Try drinking bitter gourd juice on empty stomach every morning.

Below is the list of the best diabetologist in India:

  • Deepak Khandelwal
  • A G Unnikrishnan
  • Kaushik pandit
  • Anirban Biswas
  • P.Dharmarajan
  • Amitabh Khanna
  • Paritosh Roy
  • Surendra Kumar
  • Narendra. K Gupta
  • V Mohan

To get appointments with a specialist or to know more about them you can contact us on or call us at +918010555444.

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Answer for weak stream of urine

Weak stream of urine and erectile dysfunction are the symptoms for prostate enlargement. Please get a lower abdomen ultrasonography done to diagnose the prostate enlargement. If found, medical intervention and surgery are the options available.

4 years ago

Answer for ed-and-digestiveexcretion-problem

For constipation problem, use SOFTOVAC powder every night. This will give you much desired relief.
For erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, try the following home remedies:

  1. Natural home remedy using carrots, egg and honey

    1. Take ½ a bowl of chopped carrots
    2. Add 1 half boiled egg
    3. Add 2 tbsp of honey
    4. Mix well
    5. Have once everyday
    6. Do this for 1 month
  2. Natural home remedy using drumstick flowers

    1. Boil a handful of drumstick flowers in 1 glass of milk
    2. Drink it when lukewarm
    3. Sip it every day for 1-2 months 

    This is a good tonic to overcome sexual debility. 

  3. Natural home remedy using ginger and honey

    1. Crush ginger to a paste
    2. Take 2 tsp of this ginger paste
    3. Add 2 tsp of honey
    4. Mix well
    5. Have this 3 times a day


  • Erectile dysfunction should not be linked with:
    • Lack of sexual desire
    • Premature ejaculation
  • Have realistic sexual expectations
  • Communicate your needs with your partner

4 years ago

Dr. Rajesh Enadle

Dr. Rajesh Enadle is a Doctor in Renapur, Latur and has an experience of 17 years in this field. Dr. Rajesh Enadle practices at Prabhavati Hospital in Renapur, Latur. He completed MD – Medicine from KIMS in 2000.

  • Allopathy
  • Diabetes Management
  • Infertility Evaluation / Treatment
  • Arthritis Management
  • Dysmenorrhea Treatment
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Weight Loss Diet Counseling
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Health Checkup (General)
  • Skin Tag Treatment
  • Arthritis and Pain Management
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Performance Anxeity
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Couple Counseling
  • Diabetes Management
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Piles
  • Acidity
  • Gastritis
  • Constipation

You can book an instant appointment with Dr. Rajesh Enadle on

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Dr. Krishna Shetty M V

Dr. Krishna Shetty M V is an Urologist in Kolar, Kolar and has an experience of 13 years in this field. Dr. Krishna Shetty M V practices at Shreya Hospital in Kolar, Kolar. He completed MBBS from JNMC, Belgaum in 1996, MS – General Surgery from Government Medical College, Baroda in 2000 and M.Ch – Urology from Bangalore University in 2004.


  • Kidney Stones – PCNL
  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Ureteric Stones – URS
  • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
  • Bladder Stones – CLT
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery
  • Prostate – TURP, Laser Prostatectomy (HOLEP, KTP Laser)
  • Urethral Stricture Surgery
  • Uro Oncosurgery – Surgery for Prostate, Bladder & Kidney Tumors
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence
  • Infertility
  • Genitourinary Surgery
  • Prostate Laser Surgery
  • Reconstructive Urology

You can get the book an instant appointment with Dr. Krishna Shetty M V on

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Dr. Srikanth Reddy Konda

Dr. Srikanth Reddy Konda is Ayurvedic Doctor inTadepalle, Vijayawada and has an experience of 10 Years in these fields.Dr. Srikanth Reddy Konda practices at Kerala Vakkipuram Ayurveda.

Services –

  • Diabetes Management
  • colitis
  • Acidity Treatment
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Treatment
  • Skin Treatment
  • Anal Fissure Treatment (Non-Surgical)
  • Gastritis Treatment
  • Renal (Kidney) Stones Treatment
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Uterine Fibroid Treatment
  • Hypertension Treatment
  • Back Pain Treatment
  • Anxiety Disorders Treatment
  • Gout Treatment
  • Depression Treatment
  • Panchakarma
  • Acne / Pimples Treatment
  • Sleep Disorder Treatment
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  • Musculoskeletal Pain Management
  • Epilepsy Treatment
  • Vertigo Treatment
  • Migraine Treatment
  • Infertility Evaluation / Treatment
  • Osteoarthritis Treatment
  • Eczema Treatment
  • Psoriasis Treatment
  • Nadi pariksha
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Fibromyalgia Treatment
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Eosinophilia
  • Earache
  • Tinnitus
  • Rheumatism Treatment
  • Arthritis and Pain Management
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Liver Disease
  • Liver Disease Treatment
  • Deep vein thrombosis – DVT
  • Diabetes Renal Failure
  • Constipation Treatment
  • Jaundice Treatment
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment
  • Vitiligo Treatment
  • Cerebral Palsy Treatment
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • Pain Treatment
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Neck Pain Treatment
  • Alopecia Areta Treatment
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Abdominal Pain Treatment
  • Weight Loss Treatment
  • Kidney Disease
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Bronchial Asthma Treatment
  • Memory Improvement
  • Spondylosis
  • PCOD/PCOS Treatment
  • Piles Treatment (Non Surgical)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
  • Dementia Treatment
  • Arthritis Management
  • Wilson’s Disease Treatment
  • Hepatitis B Treatment
  • Hepatitis C Treatment
  • Hepatitis A Treatment
  • Colitis Treatment
  • Neurological Problems
  • Migraine Treatment
  • Leucoderma Treatment
  • Viral Fever Treatment
  • Hepatitis D Treatment
  • Hepatitis E Treatment
  • Paralysis
    You can book an instant appointment with Dr. Srikanth Reddy Konda

4 years ago

Dr. Mahesh Shah

Dr. Mahesh Shah is a Sexologist, Ayurveda and Unani in Patel Nagar East, Delhi and has an experience of 47 years in these fields. Dr. Mahesh Shah practices at Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana in Patel Nagar East, Delhi, Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana in Lal Kuan, Delhi and Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana in Darya Ganj, Delhi. He completed BAMS from Aryakanya Shudha Ayurved Mahavidyalaya (ASAM), Vadodara in 1969 and Sexologist(Ayurveda) from Aryakanya Shudha Ayurved Mahavidyalaya (ASAM), Vadodara in 1969.


Free Consultation

He is a member of AAYUS.


  • Sexologist Doctor
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Impotency
  • Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor for Male
  • Female Sexual Problems
  • Sexologist Doctor for Male
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • All Sex Problems
  • Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor for Female
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Sex Specialist
  • Male Sexual Problems
  • Ayurvedic Doctor for Sexual Disorder
  • Sexologist Doctor for Female

You can book an instant appointment with Dr. Mahesh Shah on

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