Leucorrhoea is also known as the vaginal or white discharge problem which is a common problem faced by women often. It is a medical term used to describe a condition where women experience a thick white or yellow colour discharge from the vagina. It is most common during pregnancy as well as at additional times during the reproductive years and varies with the menstrual cycle of the woman as her hormone levels change. it may disappear and reappear from time to time, this discharge can keep occurring for years in which case it becomes more yellow and foul-smelling; it is usually a non-pathological symptom secondary to inflammatory conditions of vagina.

It can be a natural defence mechanism that the vagina uses to maintain its chemical balance, as well as to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. The term “physiologic leucorrhoea” is used to refer to leucorrhoea due to estrogenic stimulation. Or it is largely encountered during pregnancy or puberty. But, it may also result from inflammation or congestion of the vaginal mucosa. In cases where it is yellowish or gives off an odour, a doctor should be consulted since it could be a sign of several disease processes, including an organic bacterial infection.


  • Vaginal infections and UTI’s are a common cause.
  • STD’s. Yes, sexually transmitted diseases are also a common cause of the excessive discharge.
  • Conditions monilial vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, or cervicitis.
  • Lack of proper genital hygiene or cleanliness.
  • Irritation from oral contraceptives or condoms could be a cause.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Genital wounds or trauma.
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Lack of proper diet or unhealthy lifestyle or undernourishment.


The conventional treatment would be a dose of antibiotics such as Povidone, Natamycin or Nystatin. But the main hindrance in the treatment of leucorrhoea is the embarrassment attached to the problem. Many women don’t even recognise it as a problem and aren’t too comfortable discussing it. A leucorrhoea diet plan is an integral part of leucorrhoea care and treatment as dietary factors play a very important role. But no dietary changes should be made without consulting doctor along with the other home remedies available. Proper hygiene is also very important rather the most important thing for treating the condition. Apart from the regular antibiotics and allopathic treatment there are a lot of homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments available along with a number of home remedies to treat the discharge.


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