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Tenzin hospital began functioning on 19th Nov 2009. It was initiated by Mr.Tenzin whose mission is to provide best quality health care under a single roof which should be within the reach of the common man that too at nominal rates. His vision of not making profit of human suffering, but to re circulate any profit made right back into the hospital system to make these facilities even better.

The need to open the Hospital was also felt because of dearth of specialized medical facilities in the area. This area, in recent times, has seen a massive expansion of habitation development along the National Highway 22 (both private as well as Colonized). Besides this, about 60 to 70% of Government and semi-Government Offices and Departments fall in the vicinity of the hospital. These developments have taken place sans a proportional availability of health facility for this section of Shimla. Moreover the Government Hospitals (the District Hospital-DDU and the State hospital-IGMC) are at a distance of about 10 to 15 Km from the hospital, causing a lot of inconvenience to the general public at large.

The Hospital OPD serves not only the following nearby areas like Panthaghati, Mehli, Shivnagar, Devnagar, Basant Vihar, Malyana, Police Colony, Kasumpti, Chotta Shimla, SDA Complex, Vikas Nagar, New Shimla, but the hospital is also visited by patients from other parts of the town.  Apart from this, Indoor patients and patients undergoing Surgery come from all parts of the state especially from Districts Shimla, Solan, Bilaspur and Kinnaur.

Location and Aproach:

Tenzin Hospital is functioning as a multi-specialty hospital in Panthaghati, Kasumpti Shimla. It is situated on the National Highway and has an easy approach by Private as well as public transport. (local bus Service after every 5 minutes) It is walking distance from Kasumpti, Panthaghati,Shivnagar, Basant Vihar,Vikasnagar, Chotta Shimla, Police Colony SDA Complex etc. There is provision of Parking for around 30 Vehicles which is soon to be extended to 100 vehicles. Parking is also possible on one side along the National Highway adjoining the hospital.


The Hospital is empanelled with the Government of Himachal Pradesh Health Department, through the Directorate of Health Safety and Regulation for reimbursement of medical expenses, a facility given by the Government to its employees, Pensioners and their dependants. Among others, the hospital is empanelled with some private companies like SJVNL, NISG (National Institute of Smart Government), NABARD, HFRI, APG University etc. Patients having medical Insurance arrangements with Star Health Insurance Company have been given Cashless facilities, Other companies are in the process of having similar tie ups as well.


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