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2013 has seen the institution expand its activities outside its traditional bastion of Mumbai with projects at Vizag, Chandigarh, Sangrur, in addition to the cancer registries that are being setup all over the country. This notwithstanding, there has been a lot of activity at Parel as well, towards our mission of providing the best cancer care to all who seek treatment at the hospital. We are constantly mindful of the fact that the existing infrastructure at the hospital is stretched given the patient load. The majority of our efforts and initiatives are therefore directed at being patient friendly.Towards these goals we augmented our semiprivate bed strength where wait lists were over 6- 8 weeks by converting the old private wards in the main building to semi private accommodation. The private rooms are now exclusively housed in the new Homi Bhabha block. This helps in accommodating more patients while maintain the 60:40 general to private ratio.
Our smart card transactions have now been expanded to cover the inpatient services and the general category patients as well. The smart card ensures that all services at the hospital are now cashless, saving time patients spent in long queues. In addition, smart card kiosks are setup all over the outpatient areas to help patients to check balances, expenditures, deposits as well as status of their reports. Patients now also get SMS alerts of their smart card transactions. Towards a green environment our paperless operations have been expanded with no printing of patient reports and pharmacy memos. Patients can however view and prints reports at any time from any location as these are available on the web with restricted access only to the patient and his / her treating clinician.Infrastructure has been augmented with the installation of high value equipment that includes a digital mammography, augmentation of the minimal invasive surgical capabilities, surgical microscopes and anesthesia delivery systems.There has been a major revamp of the hospital Institutional Review Board with space allocated for a dedicated trial pharmacy. In addition, our pediatric ward and outpatient clinic have had a major revamp through a generous philanthropic gesture, making it more child friendly for our young patients.
Our service to the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevan Arogya Yojana for patients below the poverty line initiated by Government of Maharashtra has been well appreciated, with the hospital recognized as the leader in the care of cancer patients under this scheme.A financial management system with the help of the ECIL is also fully implemented putting inplace greater accountability and ease in our accounting process. These efforts are reflected in the fact that we have won the best Oncology hospital award by CNBC – ICICI Lombard for the 4th year in running. I place on record the contribution of each and every one of our staff who many a time, work well beyond the call of normal duty.

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