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Nazareth Hospital  Situated in the heart of the city of Shillong,. Nazareth Hospital is a voluntary, Non-profit Organization started in 1959 as an out-patient treatment center. The Archdiocese of Shillong, the legal owner of Nazareth Hospital has entrusted its administration and management to the Sisters of the Holy Cross Menzingen( North Indian Province) in the year 1988. The history of Nazareth Hospital is a history of progressive expansion and indeed, it is still travelling along its path into the future. The Hospital with its rich heritage of service was founded in response to the needs of society. In the true spirit of service it continued to evolve in response to societal needs. Since its inception, it has gone through many stages of development and progress, providing emergency services, general services and specialty services round the clock. It holds the status of a referral and teaching institute. It is in the front line, both in academics and patient services.




In 1965, the hospital expanded into a 60 bedded hospital with OPD, Pharmacy and Laboratory facilities. In 1967, ten more beds were added to the existing number and in 1971, due to the increased demand, another 50 beds were added, making it 120 beds. The Community Health Program, which started in 1970, included Maternal and Child Health, Health Education and Immunization programs. The school of nursing was started in 1979. A new multi-story block was opened in 1997 with the help of MISEREOR, Germany. With this new block the bed strength was increased to 375.

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