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Fast Recovery comes from best of the medical treatments added with the personalized care and attention and the trust that with love, dedication and unconditional service any disease can be cured. That’s the trust we build in our patients, a hope for their better lives.

Kota Heart Institute and General Hospital is one of the finest health institutions in the educational city, Kota. Kota Heart Institute and General Hospital is not only the pioneer in Cardiac related treatments but a fully facilitated multi-specialty hospital.

Additional facilities are available such as Resuscitation, Trauma Management, Poison

Management &Life support System. We ensure that quality healthcare is available to everyone who comes to us Apart from qualified doctors and skillfull nurses, the hospital has therapeutically sound dietary department with dietician. Aseptic precautions are maintained at the hospital by the housekeeping and maintenance department. A Pharmacy is within the hospital. Both the entrances of Kota Heart Institute are equiped with parking area & security guards. Vehicle services such us ambulance, omni van are available at all time

Together with the technology to match world-class standards and support services like pharmacy, laboratory and cafeteria we pledge to make your stay at the hospital peaceful and comfortable. The highly competent experts in various disciplines taking charge of patient care give the double advantage of safety and mental peace for the patient

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