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Gopi Krishna Hospital In Its Next Phase Of Development Wants To Evolve Into An Outstanding Facility In The Healthcare Sector, For One And All.


Gopi Krishna Hospital is Mathura city’s largest multi specialty hospital located at about 5 minutes walking distance from the heart of the city ( Holigate / Tilakdwar). The city of Mathura is situated approx 55 km from Agra and 180 kms from New Delhi.
Gopi Krishna Hospital brings together an outstanding pool of doctors and clinical researchers to encourage collaborative multidisciplinary investigation to swiftly implement the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Gopi Krishna hospital was started by  Dr.D.P Goyal & Dr Neerja Goyal on 14th January 1983.
Gopi Krishna hospital is named after the great grandparents of Dr  D.P Goyal.
It is the second oldest hospital in Mathura city showcasing the huge clinical experience being held by its doctors.

Gopi Krishna hospital has been pivotal in bringing innovation and newer technology to the city of Mathura.
Many of the things were for the very first time introduced in Mathura in this hospital only like-
1st Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS)
1st Image Intensifier Machine (C – Arm)
1st time Colposcopy
1st time a Comprehensive Orthopedic Center catering to Spine surgery , Knee Replacement & Trauma
Last & not the least, 1st & only IVF – ICSI Center (Test Tube baby Center) in Mathura
Gopi Krishna Hospital has the only test tube baby Center in Mathura.
It was inaugurated by Smt Hema Malini ji  (M-P-Mathura) on 24th Nov 2014.

Spread across approx 1200 sq meters (40000 sq ft), this hospital includes a research lab and has over 52 beds, 6 critical care beds and 3 Operation Theaters, facilitating care to over 4 different specialties.

A newly constructed, state-of-the-art hospital building with strategically designed facilities and resources help add serenity and a peaceful calm to our care.
The infrastructure coupled with our team of diligent and dedicated doctors, nursing and paramedical staff make sure that any kind of treatment or care which is provided at this hospital, experience of that is least troublesome.


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