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Geetanjali Hospital ( Multispeciality & Critical Care Center) was established in 2010 by efforts of Dr. Kamal Kishore, one of the most intelligent, most competent and well known senior physicians in the region. Dr. Kamal Kishore is truely dedicated to his mission of treating his patients while adhering to the highest standards of care and safety, coupled with warm compassion and throrough devotion to getting to the very root of patient’s problems, so as to cure them fully. He envisioned the setting up of Geetanjali hospital as a center of excellence, for providing comprehensive and critical healthcare, a multispeciality hospital that is truely “patient focussed”, and solely dedicated to allieviating the pains of those, who are under our care and giving them the very best of healthcare facilities that they deserve.

Deicated to the ideals established by our mentor, Dr. Kamal Kishore, the Geetanjali hospital team is persistent in its efforts to provide quality care to all its patients. Constituting top healthcare professionals from the region, specializing in their respective fields, the team works as an integrated whole to serve the hospital’s mission.

Our clinical services are supported with the most advanvced “in-house diagnostic services”, equipped with a state-of-the-art emergency response and management system. The Hospital is equipped with modern Imaging modalities, Operation theatres, ICUs and Laboratories. We have 18 bedded centrally air conditioned critical care unit (ICU, ICCU) with all ultramodern facilities like multipara cardiac monitors, central oxygen, central suction, high end 3rd generation ventilators(Drager,Siemens), BIPAP Ventilators, defibrillators, infusion pumps and invasive monitoring etc. To take care of OPD patients we have a full imaging department (possessing 100 MA digital X-Ray, Olympus video endoscope, ultrasound & echocardiography), fully automated 24 hr. laboratory, 24 hr. pharmacy etc. We deal with a varied collection of – medical, surgical, psychiatric, OBS & gynae, critically ill and trauma patients.

Along with our team of highly devoted and competent doctors who are available on a full time basis, we have a team of 6 casuality Medical Officers to take care of the indoor patients and deliver round the clock services to the emergency and trauma patients. In addition to this, we have a highly experienced and dedicated staff constituting about 40 dedicated nurses, compounders, technicians and very good housekeeping and cleaning workers team.

With top consultants working under one roof and providing the latest imaging and other diagnostic facilities, we care for each patient with devoted teamwork, guiding them, caring for them in our unique way. And as our mottostates…“Excellence in quality and care”, we at Geetanjali hospital strive to provide quality healthcare to all our patients with Christ like compassion!

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