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Healthy living is an important mantra of life for one and all irrespective of their age. Therefore, health and healthy living are as important for children as for any other adult individual. More important in fact is for children as the childhood phase is also the foundational phase, and the seeds of a healthy life and lifestyle can be sown in childhood to make healthy individuals. It is the beginning of the wonderful life and making it healthy would ensure a healthy and positive start for the journey of life. So, here are 10 Health Tips for Children you ought to start from today for a bright healthy life!

  1. Breakfast is MUST: Do you know that from middle ages, breakfast is called breakfast as it breaks the fast of the whole night! So, the start of the day should always be healthy and fulfilling to keep the child going for the whole day and also because it breaks the night’s fast! A nice healthy and wholesome breakfast is a must and make sure that children always have their breakfast and never skip it!
  2. No more cleaning plates: Yes, you heard it right, bid farewell to the cleaning all food off the plate ritual and let the child decide and eat according to his or her needs. Overeating is not a positive thing and getting fullness from the food eaten is the most important thing. By making them decide to stop eating the children will get the idea of fullness and they won’t overeat. They are listening to their bodies and respond to it when full and that is better than any rule!
  • Water water: Make them drink water religiously. More often than not kids ignore their thirst until its acute when they are playing, make sure they drink water at regular intervals and fill the minimum requirement of water in their bodies.
  1. A fruit a day: Inculcate the habit of eating healthy fresh fruits for the children by giving them one fruit every day, more preferably apple. This would not make a healthy habit but will give them health benefits as well.
  2. Brush twice a day: The golden rule to keep their teeth shining and healthy is to brush twice a day. It would become a healthy habit to benefit them in future as well.
  3. Early to bed: Childhood is free from tensions and turmoil and a good night’s sleep is very important for the growth and development of the child. So, the best health tip for children is to go to bed early and get rejuvenated.
  • Play out: Don’t let them spend their activity time on computers and video games which occasionally are fine but should not take the place of outdoor games. Outdoor games refresh the brain and help the body digest better and be active. Play time is very important and it needs to be outdoor play time. At least one outdoor game should be included in their daily activities.
  • Slow and steady: Children are always in hurry and the most while eating which isn’t good. Also, it takes about 20 minutes for the message that they are full to get from their stomachs to their brains while on the other hand, it will assure the proper chewing of food.
  1. Whole grain key to health: Include whole grains in the diet as much as possible like oats, brown rice, brown bread or whole-wheat pasta, they are the “whole” lot of health!
  2. Eating together: Not only will it increase the social and moral values of the kids, it is proven to be healthy for the kids as well! It would make sure they don’t eat while watching t.v. or playing video games and eat healthier and better! And this would make the meal times pleasant and bring the family closer, as “the family that eats together stays together”. However, make sure they are pleasant for them and they don’t have to rush and hurry to make their way out of it.


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