Giving new life to tooth by root canal treatment

The oh-so-terrifying sound of the treatment has scared many and has been a nightmare. The root canal treatment is the one dental procedure dreaded by many and is associated with pain and the people are generally running away from it. While actually, it is done to relieve the pain and protect the teeth. How you ask? Well, read on to find out!

A root canal treatment is an endodontic treatment, endo means inside and donto means tooth. This actually explains a lot about the process. It is actually done to as a treatment to repair a badly damaged or infected tooth by removing that damaged area of the tooth. It literally means cleaning the root canal and providing the required treatment.

A tooth has a space inside it which is called the pulp which is the soft area within the root canal. The tooth’s nerve lies within the root canal which has sensory functions. The pulp also includes blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues, which create the surrounding hard tissues of the tooth. Now when the pulp gets affected or there is inflammation there can be unbearable pain, swelling, and the irreversible damage to pulp. Even after the pulp dies or is damaged completely there is a risk of an abscessed tooth which would invite infection which can spread. It could also become a chronic threatening dangerous infection. Now the pulp may be damaged by any cause like a cracked tooth, deep cavity, gum infection, gum disease, repeated dental treatment to the tooth, or trauma to face.

And root canal treatment is the process or rather the apt treatment to this problem. The procedure involves the removing of the nerve and damaged pulp, cleaning the tooth, disinfecting it, and then filling it and sealing it. Thus, it is done to relieve the pain, protect the tooth and you, from further damage and giving a new life to the tooth.

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