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Choosing the Dr right or hospital is a very important decision. Spending the crucial time comparing different options and their repercussions can sometimes prove fatal.

We all know of someone who has been advised a surgery for a medical complication. It could be a loved one, a distant relative or yourself at some point in time. But are such surgeries really required? Can they not be treated by any other option such as a change in the medicine course, a certain exercise, or any other alternative medical solution?
30 per cent surgeries worldwide are really not required, a figure which is much higher in India.

To give solutions for such problems, freedoctorhelpline functions as a guide to patients to help them find the best suitable place for their treatment.
This enables patients to have easy access and better awareness about medical facilities available. Through the use of technology, every person, irrespective of the place he/she lives is empowered to evaluate and compare the different options available and choose the best suitable amongst them for himself/herself.
We call it the Democratisation of healthcare.

Ours is not a simple listing of hospitals and doctors. Only those are recommended who bear high degree of professional excellence and reputation. Suggestions will be made in accordance with your needs and capabilities based upon your location, willingness to travel and financial stature

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