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An employee of Men’s Health magazine did just that – and wrote down Fastest Way To lose weight.
Here’s how to get rid of excess fat quickly.

Fastest Way To lose weight | best weight loss diet plan

Three months before my wedding, I realized that I didn’t want to be a fat groom. After all, a wide belt hardly helps here.
After all, what kind of man would marry a beautiful woman if he knew he was going to die young?
This is not a poetic exaggeration. I’m 175 cm tall, so my weight of 105 kg was too much for me, so I was in the group of obese people – which, according to UCLA studies, made me 20 years older, even though I was only 26.
But I was even more disturbed by the results of the blood test, which showed that the sugar level was at the upper limit, although there were no obvious symptoms (except for a large stomach). For the first time, I felt irresponsible because I was fat.
But that dramatic change doesn’t last as long as you think. In 12 weeks, I lost 15 kg and 12 cm in weight, just in time for that important day. What’s even better – my blood count has almost returned to normal. How did I do it? Read, and you will see.DETERMINING MOMENT
Like most obese people, I was not proud of all the excess fat that surrounded me, especially since I was the editor of Men’s Health magazine. But that moment didn’t come until I was scared for my life so much that I would fully commit to change. That day came when I met Kit Berkovic, a doctor and head of the Center for Health Balance in New York. His specialty is to make the fat thin.
When I showed up at his office, Dr. Berkovic first looked at the blood picture because I had drawn blood before I came to him. Triglycerides (the amount of fat circulating in my blood) was twice as high as normal. Also, I was insulin resistant. This means that my body produced 10 times more insulin (a hormone that signals your body how to store fat) than it would secrete in a healthy type of my age. Both of these criteria are key indicators of whether any heart disease will occur in the future.
Chances are, if you are obese, your blood count looks like this. Research shows that people who are overweight have more cholesterol, triglycerides and higher blood pressure than people who are not obese. And, according to Dr. Berkovic, almost half of the population is insulin resistant. The best physical indicator is belly fat. Do you need anything else? Ask your doctor to do a complete blood test: fear is the best motivation.

ACTION PLAN for Fastest Way To lose weight
What terrifies me is that Dr. Berkovic recommended a “carbohydrate-controlled diet.” This does not mean that you should completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. This, in fact, means that those types of carbohydrates that significantly raise blood sugar levels, and thus insulin levels, should be excluded; for example, those found in carbonated beverages, sweets, and foods that contain flour. In other words, the hydrates I like the most. What surprised me was that cereals were on my list of junk foods. The reason? Although healthy for people with normal insulin secretion, whole grains still raise insulin levels. I had to avoid them until I lost weight and until there was an improvement in my blood count, and then I could slowly return them to my diet in the form of crackers with a lot of cellulose and flaxseed bread. (See Flexible Plan.)
As a result, this plan was limited to hydrates found in fruits and vegetables, and that was a drastic change for my usual diet full of carbohydrates. After all, that meant I had to give up food from the bakery. (Imagine for yourself what’s on the menu.) I wasn’t sure I could take it upon myself.
Valeri Berkovic took the stage. While Kit Berkovic took care of my diet, his wife Valerie, a graduate nutritionist and head of the nutrition department at the Center for Health Balance took on the role of head coach. She helped me make a diet plan that was patient-oriented and where there was no need to count calories. Basically, I was only supposed to eat when I was hungry and that until I felt full, considering the five simple rules that follow for fastest way to lose weight. I could eat as much meat and vegetables as I wanted, and I could take 100 to 150 grams of cheese and two servings of fruit with a little glycerin – berries, melons, peaches, plums, apples, oranges and kiwis. It is also recommended that I drink more than two liters of water a day. Use these tips too and you can lose 15 kg in three weeks.                             Click to read: Lemonade Diet Detox: Master Cleanse Recipe

1 ELIMINATE EASY TO DIGESTIVE CARBOHYDRATESIn most cases, it is a food that contains sugar or a lot of starch, such as bread, pasta, any food made with flour, potatoes and rice. Because all of these foods contain a lot of cellulose, they quickly raise blood sugar levels. “This is a trigger that signals your body to release a flood of insulin,” says Valerie. Get rid of these foods and your insulin levels will remain low. This also has a positive effect on your health and helps burn fat. In fact, when they researched at the University of Connecticut why low-carb diets are so successful, they calculated that 70 percent of weight loss depends on insulin levels. (Just one note: since milk contains a significant amount of carbohydrates, it was also on the list of junk foods, until my blood count showed I was healthier.)

2 EAT MORE VEGETABLES. This may be a real cliché for a child, but there is no question that this works. In fact, research on more than 2,000 people who have been on a low-carb diet has shown that, on average, people who ate starch-free vegetables four times a day lost the most pounds. Practically, it is all vegetables of your choice, except potatoes, carrots and corn. “When you eat more fruits and vegetables to follow Fastest Way To lose weight, the amount of cellulose increases, which makes you feel full,” says Valerie. Due to even higher cellulose levels, I drank a glass of metamusil (without sugar) once a day. If you have never taken metamusil, know that its effectiveness in reducing appetite is more than amazing.

3 INCLUDE PROTEINS IN EVERY MEAL. This is especially important for breakfast and snacks when we usually waste on this nutrient that is important for muscle development. (Oatmeal, thank you.) Clear as day: Scientists at the University of Illinois report that, on average, people ingest 65 percent of all protein consumed during the day after 6 p.m. More importantly, researchers have found that if you want to maintain muscle mass while losing weight, you need to eat protein with every meal. “In addition to nourishing your muscles, extra protein will help you avoid overeating,” says Valerie. The best sources of protein are beef, chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs.

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4 DO NOT BE AFRAID OF NATURAL FATS. That’s right, these are fats found in meat, omelets, avocados, olives and dressings in which olive oil is put. Since fats alone do not raise the level of insulin in the blood, they have nothing to do with fattening, which is contrary to the general opinion, says Valerie. Large amounts of carbohydrates in combination with large amounts of fat are the real culprit, she explains, because they stimulate the release of insulin, which causes your body to store fat instead of burning it. But what about the heart? In a review of 13 studies published by the Nutrition Journal, research showed that low-carb diets, where 50 percent of the calories ingested during the day came from fat, were more effective in reducing the risk of heart disease than traditional low-fat diets. #Fastest Way To lose weight!

5 FORGET ABOUT PROCESSED FOOD. Before the diet, I lived on meat slices, but Valerie soon banned me from meat products because most of them contain added salt (which affects weight and blood pressure) and sugar, as well as nitrates, which are associated with an increased risk of getting cancer. Instead, I ate ground beef and ground turkey. (Both beef and turkey only need a few minutes to cook in the evening, and they taste great the next day as well.) Still, I made mistakes. On the fifteenth day of my program, I discovered vegetable chips. “A delicious mixture of exotic vegetables,” as it was written on the bag. It sounded healthy to me, so I nibbled on them in large quantities during the long days at work. A week later, when I told Valerie about my new addiction, I was terribly disgusted. I was seduced by the word “vegetables”. These chips were made from root vegetables full of starch, so the amount of carbohydrates was like in potato chips; besides, it was full of salt. The scale showed my mistake. If you follow only one rule, let it be this: If it is in a bag or box, bypass it. I guarantee you will succeed. Now you have the Fastest Way To lose weight go for it.

– end –   

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