Enigma of cholesterol

Most of us feel that cholesterol are bad for health and try to avoid them. Few of us know that there exists good cholesterol too, which can do miracles for our body. Still fewer know the ways to increase this good cholesterol level in the blood and derive the benefits.

Cholesterol are a specific class of fat which are required in optimal quantity for maintenance of a healthy cell. If the intake exceeds, their concentration will rise in the blood stream causing the formation of plaques and finally resulting in arterial blockages. Those specific types of cholesterol which cause such blockages are the LDL or low density lipoproteins notoriously known as the bad cholesterol. Lower the concentration of LDL, lesser are the chances of arterial blockage and coronary artery disease.

There exists another type of cholesterol called HDL or high density lipoproteins which are popularly called good cholesterol. They carry the LDL away from blood stream to liver and promotes their destruction there. Thus, they act as a mediator to reduce blood LDL level. Higher the HDL, lesser will be the LDL, and lesser will be the chance of arterial blockage and coronary artery disease.

Good Cholesterol food

Good Cholesterol Sources

Now, how to decrease the LDL and increase the HDL in blood stream?


To keep a check on the LDL level, one should reduce the daily intake of fat in the form of butter, ghee and other processed dairy products. Vegetable oils used should be on rotational basis everyday. This means olive oil, soya bean oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil etc. should be used one after another on different week days. Regular exercises and yoga are also found to reduce LDL level in blood.

HDL are found to increase with regular exercises. A person more physically active has higher concentration of HDLs in the blood stream. Regular intake of almonds and walnuts increase the blood HDL level. Smoking reduces the HDL level.

Cholesterols are good as well as bad. You can like them; you can dislike them; but you cannot ignore them. So better ;manage them.

Eat healthy….

Live healthy……!

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