The Doctor of God: Dr. Yeshi Dhonden

Doctor miracle is still alive and treating 40 fortunate patients everyday in the secluded town of Mcleodganj in Himanchal Pradesh. Patients from all over the globe, with serious and fatal ailments try their luck with him, and many of them report miraculous healing.


Dr. Yeshi Dhonden was born in Lhoka, Tibet on 15th May 1927, to a prosperous farming family in the village of Yamdro in the district called Hlo-go, close to Lhasa, Tibet. His family comes from a very popular medical lineage. He is very genius that he got to finish his medical training at the age of 20 itself! In 1960, he took up the challenge to found Men Tsee Khang, the Tibetan medical college and was succeeded. He was the Principal and the Director of the college until 1970.


Yeshi Dhonden is a Buddhist monk and was Dalai Lama’s personal physician for about 20 years, from 1960 to 1980. His main goal was to prove to the world that these Tibetan formulae are safe and completely non-toxic and have successfully done it. He uses Tibetan herbal medicines and diet for curing cancer. Since 1970, he has a long list of patients seeking his medical care at his Dharmashala.


Over the past 50 years, he has successfully treated a number of patients with all kinds of ailments. He is considered as one of the foremost doctors in the world. He is specially trained in cancer treatments and has cured a large number of cancer patients all over the world, and even woman with breast cancer. He is also successful in treating diseases such as AIDS and cancer. He uses some of the oldest Tibetan herbal therapies to cure the ailments. He has even done wonders saving the lives of cancer patients who are in the last stage of cancer.


Unfortunately, Tibetan Medicine is still virtually unknown in the west, where the cancer epidemic is out of control. In 1994, upon meeting Dr. Helene Smith, renown cancer researcher, genealogist, & the director of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, & Dr. Debashish from University of California, Dr. Dhonden agreed to collaborate on the first formal FDA approved the phase1/2 study in the world.


With dedication, Dr. yeshi dhonden has been a pioneer bringing world awareness of this very sophisticated, powerful and effective approach to healing to the west.

Visiting a Tibetan doctor!

If you ever wish to see Dr. yeshi or any other Tibetan doctor it is better to avoid spicy foods, coffee, black tea, and alcohol the previous night.  The first thing to do in the morning is to collect some sample of urine before you visit the doctor and go to the clinic as soon as possible. Be the first few to get the coupon when the distribution starts at 10 a.m.



The doctor will observe the patient, the quality of urine, and then read the 12 pulses that act as a messenger between the doctor and the patient. You can ask questions to discover as much as possible.

An important note to the patients out there!

Dr. yeshi does not have any access to emails so patients can’t forward questions to him to find solutions. The only way is to personally meet him at his clinic.

Successful treatment for AIDS, cancer and other diseases by Tibetan medicines:

Dr. yeshi is very successful in treating diseases such as AIDS and cancer. He uses some of the oldest Tibetan herbal therapies to cure the ailments. He has even done wonders saving the lives of cancer patients who are in the last stage of cancer. There have been good success rates with cancer disease with these medicines where the doctors in others parts of the world where not even able to identify the cause of cancer.

It is not part of the Tibetan custom to know the proportion of people who have been benefitted with their treatment. Henceforth, they do not maintain any records or journals of the patients who have received treatments and cured out of it.

Treatment for AIDS:

When the AIDS epidemic initially broke out, he knew nothing much about the new diseases. It was much later when a couple came to meet him he was able to provide the required diagnoses and treatment. He handed over the couple the medications for few months and promised them they would recover from it. After taking these medicines, the couple was actually benefitted out of it.

These medicines then came into existence in many parts of the world like the US, Australia, Germany, Italy, etc.

In about 25 to 30 days, some will start experiencing the results of the medicine. Most people who visit are having chronic diseases and hence should not expect that the recovery will be soon.

Brain tumors:

Here we will discuss a case study. Some years ago there were two Indian brothers, one in his 20’s and other was double his age. Both simultaneously came down with brain tumors. They were diagnosed, and the doctors told them, “You should both have operations to have these things surgically removed.” The older brother said, “Well, look, there’s no problem if I die before my younger brother; after all, I’m older. And so let him have the finer treatment.” They couldn’t afford two operations.

I said, “What I suggest is maybe why don’t you both hold off on the operation and just give Tibetan medicine a try.” These two brothers decided the older brother would sacrifice the hospital treatment and surgical procedure for the sake of his younger brother. He wanted to make sure he had the best of everything. The younger brother then went to the hospital and had his tumor surgically removed, and the older brother took Tibetan medicine. Well, for a while it looked like the younger brother was doing pretty well and the older brother was doing pretty well. But then, in the case of the younger brother, another tumor formed, he had to go for another surgical operation, and then he died. The older brother never had an operation, he only had Tibetan medicine, and he’s now into his 60s.

This case study is a good proof for us to believe the power of Tibetan medicine. Without any surgical procedures or invasion, they are able to bring about 100% recovery.

Multiple sclerosis:

There are a number of cases in which people suffering from illness have got 100% benefits by taking these Tibetan medicines. There was a case of a woman who was immobilized and really crippled. She continued these medicines for about 6 months and got complete recovery from the ailment.


For the range of illness that comes under the single roof of jaundice, hepatitis, gall bladder, liver failure, etc there is simply no count on the number of patients who have attended the treatment and got benefitted.


Those people suffering from leukemia and blood cancer have also got benefitted from Tibetan medicines. But, in these cases, the patients have to take medicines for really long time. All cases of leukemia are treatable with Tibetan medicines. There is particularly one type of leukemia which turns out to be difficult to be cured with Tibetan medicine. When there is a high count of white blood cells cancer spreads easily to the lymph nodes and becomes difficult to treat.


People suffering from stroke have also seen success from Tibetan medicine. What I found is that if such patients are in their 40s or younger and take Tibetan medicine, the medication is very, very effective. If they’re in their 50s or older, they still get some benefit but not as much. This is assuming once again that they have not had any operations or anything else that would complicate their situation. If it’s just been Tibetan medicine, then that’s the case. The older will be benefitted but not to the fullest!

Breast cancer:

There are 42 different types of specifically women’s ailments. There are nine types of tumors, and there are 16 types of ailments involving the channels of various sorts. It’s not like there’s just breast cancer – the breast cancer is always situated in a context involving the three tumors. There could be microorganisms involved. There are so many different factors in treating each person in a tailor-made fashion, one that’s perfectly appropriate for the individual. Tibetan medicines were able to cure these tumors and bring back the women to normal life.

What are the dietary changes that one has to take up?

During a Tibetan treatment, one has to avoid fried foods, spicy foods, boiled and fermented foods.  It is even better to avoid coffee, tobacco, alcohol during the cancer treatments.

Generally speaking, macrobiotic diets are good for people with cancer, with one exception: a number of macrobiotic diets entail quite a few sour foods. Keep low on sour foods. Avoid strong meats, such as chicken, pork, and beef. Such people can eat fish. That’s not so bad.

According to the Tibetan tradition, they believe that sickness is caused by karma. There are about 404 types of illness. They are said to be illnesses just within this life, and these also arise due to circumstances in this life. The illness arises in this life and it finishes in this life. So, in that case, you don’t speak of karma from lifetime to lifetime.

Then there’s another sub-class of illnesses that includes serious illnesses that do arise as a result of karma from lifetime to lifetime. Those are karmically-induced illnesses; but in some cases, if the patient engages in very, very strong purifying practices, creating a great deal of merit, in some cases, even those can be cured. The Tibetan customs and treatments are based on these beliefs.


It is quite interesting to know that many chronic serious ailments are cured by the hands of Tibetans without any kind of surgical procedures or without involving any kind of modern medical equipment.

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