Most common eye problems

Most common eye problems

Eye issues are caused by refractive blunders that could be settled utilizing specialist endorsed contact focal points or eyeglasses or LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery will include the repair of the defective structure or state of the eye or focal point, that is realizing the refractive mistake with a specific end goal to empower light to twist in the correct design to focus a reasonable view onto the retina.

Myopia Eye Disease

Myopia Eye Disease is Caused when the eye elongates in myopia and this stretching of the tissues of the eye causes weakness to occur in the back of the eye . Increasing the risk of retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration .

1.Reducing myopia progression can benefits individuals by
2.Reducing spectacle lens thickness
3.Reducing the dependency on spectacles
4.But most important reducing the risk of myopic eye disease.


Hypermetropia or long sightedness is the refractive state of the eye wherein parallel rays of light coming from infinity are focussed behind the retina with accommodation being at rest .Thus, the posterior focal point is behind the retina ,which therefore receives a blurred image.
Note:Etiology Hypermetropia may be Axial Curvature Index Positional and due to absence of lens Axial hypermetropia is by far the commonest form.


  • It is state of refraction where in the refractive power varies in the different meridia such that the rays of light entering in the eye cannot converge to a point focus but form focal lines.
  • The word is derived from Greek a-without and stigma spot.
  • Lens and cornea are not symmetrical and light does not land on the right area of the retina


Primary Open Angle Glaucoma is caused when the normal drainage system of the eye becomes partially blocked , causing pressure to build within the eye . Glaucoma usually affects the perimetry vision first , with sight gradually being lost towards the center of the eye.

Eye strain

  • Eye strain is an issue that results from the too much focusing and repetitive motion of the eyes. Eyestrain is characterized by the tiredness a person feels in his eyes, causing him to work less effectively.
  • Eyestrain might cause the eyes to become achy, become reddened or watery and may also cause impaired focusing capability, insufficient concentration and alertness, sleepiness, headaches and also back pain and neck pain.
  • To deal with eyestrain, one could carry out appropriate relaxation methods, take regular eye tests and readjust his environment so that the eyes become more comfortable. Additionally it is essential to modify the computer screen brightness, font size, seat positioning, glare and surrounding illumination. Eye workouts and also eye rests are also necessary for individuals who experience recurring eye strain.
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