Is cervical cancer caused by a virus?

Is cervical cancer caused by a virus?

Yes, cervical cancer is caused by a virus called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). To explain you a bit more clearly about HPV, let’s first begin with the very basic definition of cervical cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer starts in the cells of the cervix, the part of the uterus that leads to the vagina.

What causes cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is caused by a virus called HPV. This virus causes changes in the cervix cells. HPV is not the same as HIV.
What you mostly need to be cautious about is that HPV spreads through sex. Condoms do not offer you full protection from HPV, but they can help hold back other infections so it is better to always have safe sex.

Most of the time, the infection HPV causes in the cervix, doesn’t last for a long time. Your body is able to fight this kind of infection. But in some women, it lasts longer. And that can change cervix cells into pre-cancer cells. These pre-cancer cells are not cancer, they go back to their normal stages on their own in some time, in most cases. If they don’t, they can be treated. But if they aren’t found and treated, they can potentially turn into cancer. But do not worry, cervical cancer can also be treated if it’s found. Also, very few HPV infections cause cervical cancer. Most women who get HPV do not essentially get cervical cancer.

You need to get your tests for cervical cancer regularly, and the chances would be then less likely. You may have a greater chance of getting cervical cancer if you have HPV and it doesn’t go away, or if you have HIV or AIDS, or also if you smoke.

There are no symptoms for HPV, but you should get PAP tests done to figure out if there are changes in your cervix cells. Ther are no treatments for HPV, mostly the infection goes away on its own. But if it doesn’t and there are changes in the cervix cells, and that shows up in PAP tests, you need a proper treatment plan for the same. So get regular PAP tests done every 3 or 5 years. Being aware is being safe and healthy.

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