Cataract and Its Treatment

Cataract and Cataract-Surgery

Cataract-surgery is the most common eye surgery conducted worldwide. As cataract is bound to develop with age, this becomes a common cause of vision impairment among senior citizens.

Cataract in old age

Our eye lenses are made up of protein. As the age progresses, the proteins denature, thus loosing its transparency. This causes foggy vision commonly known as the cataract. This process of de-naturation is speed ed up by several other factors like ultraviolet radiations, cigarette smoking, hormonal imbalance or use of steroid drugs etc. Regular intake of vitamin E, an antioxidant slows the cataract formation.


There always exists a dilemma among the patients regarding the surgery. When should one go for it? The simplest way to decide that is if the vision is impaired to the level that it starts hampering your day today activities, time is ripe for the surgery. Earlier was the belief that surgery should be done only when the cataract gets matured. However, with advancement of medical procedures, maturation is no longer the pre-requisite for surgery. On the other hand, a relatively mature cataract is much more difficult to remove than the less mature one. Moreover, mature cataract increases the chance of getting glaucoma i.e. increased pressure inside the eye balls.Cataract eye surgery


Cataract-surgery is relatively simple process. First step involves the removal of the natural lenses of our eyes. Commonly, this is done by the process of phaco-emulsification. This involves melting up of our natural lenses with the use of a needle vibrating at very high frequency. After the removal, an artificial plastic lens is inserted which restores the normal vision. The entire surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patient is discharged the same day or the very next day. Usually long distance vision is completely corrected after the surgery and short distance reading glasses are prescribed.

Restore vision…!

Restore life………!

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