How can i fall asleep faster?

What is insomnia?


If a person is having difficulty in sleeping, he/she may be having insomnia. People with insomnia are generally dissatisfied with their sleep




Several symptoms indicate insomnia like

  • they experience fatigue and are always low on energy
  • they have difficulty in concentrating in their tasks like while reading, learning and poor performance in academics and sports may also be due to insomnia
  • getting angry or irritated even at very small things may also be a symptom of insomnia
  • people may also experience headache and falling into depression
  • waking up too early even after sleeping late at night or waking up at midnights


Types of insomnia-:


  • Acute insomnia-: acute insomnia is when you are having sleeping issues for  very short amount time maybe due to stressful conditions like- sleeplessness before day of exam or result of something


  • Chronic insomnia-: chronic insomnia is when you are not able to sleep for at least 4-5 days/week and it s occurring for a quite long time





Stress-: stress could be main reason leading to insomnia. Stressful life events like-  death of the loved ones,divorce,job loss may lead to insomnia


Sleeping/bed  habits-: irregular bedtime schedule, studying,eating,gaming,eating,watching tv  on bed can lead to insomnia


Drugs(medications)-: there are certain medicines which interfere with the sleep cycle of the body like- amphetamine commonly used by students for late night studies to prevent sleep. Antidepressants, weight loss products can also cause sleeplessness


Physically and socially active-: due to less physical and social activity body does not get tired  enough to rest


Treatment for insomnia-:


There are many ways insomnia can be treated but most of the part depends on the will power of the person


Medications-: there are 3 types of medication that can be provided to treat insomnia


Sedatives-: these types of medicines reduce the activity of brain thus inducing sleep. They affect neurotransmitters GABA ( component of through which brain cells interact)  of brain


Antihistamines-: these are the drugs which are generally used to counter allergic reaction inside the body as insomnia can be caused due to allergic reactions


Therapies -: a few therapies can also be used to treat insomnia like


Light therapy-: it generally consists of exposure to natural light of certain wavelength using laser etc…


Cognitive therapy-: this program include excercises which replace thoughts that worse sleep experience without using drugs




We all know precaution is better than cure, thus there are preventive measures that can be used to prevent insomnia


  • being physically active is a very good preventive measure it keeps away not only insomnia but many diseases
  • stop taking daytime naps as they interfere with night sleep
  • intake of beverages before sleeping time should be avoided especially -: caffeine, alcohol etc…
  • take a warm bath, reading before sleeping
  • being consistent in bedtime and wake up time can be very helpful


just remember healthy living can treat/prevent not only insomnia but most diseases


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