Beauty tips in Winters

Beauty tips in Winters

Winter is indeed a beautiful season with all the sweat and botheration away making it a beautiful season, it is surely the time to get out and have fun outdoors. It is the time to bid farewell to all the running spoiled makeup due to sweat and oil. It brings out the beautiful faces with the beautiful weather! Dark colors, contrasts, sans the irritating heat and humidity the perfect ingredients to bring out and keep up the beauty. But the oh-so-beautiful winters are handled not so prettily by the skin and though it is the season for all the beauties but it needs the care to keep it going!

Winter air is deficient with moisture and the lack of humidity is nothing but the lack of moisture which makes it dry. And the increasing cold decreases the moisture level, and when this dry chilling wind blows it takes away the moisture of the hydrated skin as well. This is why dry, flaky skin is the highlight of the season. In a dry environment, water is lost from the keratinocytes – or skin cells – leaving skin feeling sore and chapped, it dries the natural oils. Winter, therefore, becomes the season of skin problems, so, here are 10 beauty tips to arm the skin for the battle against winters!

  1. Although you can’t help your skin losing the moisture but you can keep it hydrated still and protect it from the harshness, therefore, moisturize your skin well. Apply moisturizer and reapply it to keep the skin hydrated. Give your body a good moisture bath after the shower and before going to bed daily and help it recover. Cetaphil and Aveeno are the best moisturizers for winters and heal the epidermal layer like a genie!
  2. Apply lip balm before stepping out and reapply it again to prevent the chapped lips.
  3. Apply coconut oil or virgin olive oil every night before hitting the bed. Both the oils are high in hydrating and skin repairing qualities and would keep the flaky skin healthy. It will repair the skin and leave it plump and you would wake up with a glowing hydrated skin.
  4. Even though it’s winter season but don’t forget the sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15, it is a must and don’t stop applying it. They are not just for the summer time, the winter sun is damaging as well!
  5. Avoid having baths with hot water and stop the superhot baths. The hot water breaks the lipid barriers in the skin which leads to the further loss of moisture from the skin. Instead of hot water baths use lukewarm baths.
  6. Winter has cold water which doesn’t let the water retention in the body and thus, the water requirement is less. The water intake reduces and this becomes a barrier in the hydration of skin resulting in dry skin. Therefore, the primary beauty tip for winters is to increase the intake of water.
  7. Honey is not only beneficial to include in the diet in winters but also for the beauty regime! Just add honey to it! Apply a honey and lemon or only honey as a face pack or on other dry body parts and see the magic. Honey is the natural moisturizer and not only does it moisturizes but adds up to the glow.
  8. Curd away the dryness! Applying curd pack or massaging the face and hands with curd would replenish the moisture level but will also sweep away all the dirt and leave it fresh, supple, and hydrated.
  9. Don’t forget to exfoliate the dead skin away, a light exfoliation, though. It would stop the piling up of the dead skin cells and brighten the skin.
  10. Layer it up! As much as possible keep your hand and feet covered to avoid the chilling winds to rob the skin of its moisture. And don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer or oil before layering it up. This would leave the skin supple and protected!
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