Avoid Aspirin in Dengue or Chikungunya

Dengue or Chikungunya both are the viral fever known to be adversely affecting (lowering) the platelets count. Low platelet count can result into bleeding from eyes, nose, alimentary canal which may sometimes prove fatal.

Aspirin (Disprin) is an over the counter pain killer commonly used for pain and fever. However, the lesser known fact is that aspirin is also a blood thinner which reduce the platelet count. This is often prescribed in old age to prevent stroke and heart attack.

When a patient suffering from Dengue or Chikungunya takes aspirin, the platelet count which is already on the lower side due to the infection, gets further reduced because of the medicine. This may complicate the health condition causing severe bleeding and posing as a threat to life.

Avoid Aspirin in Dengue or Chikungunya

During the season of dengue or chikungunya, when someone develops a fever one should avoid the medicines like aspirin. Instead, paracetamol (Crocin) is the drug of choice. Paracetamol should be taken to reduce the fever and lessen the body ache. Under no circumstances, aspirin should be taken.

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