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How Freedoctorhelpline started?


‘A young lady of 28 years, a mother of two, faces a slow approaching death at a secluded town of northern India. She needs aortic valve replacement, a surgery which is not quite easily available at such places, though quiet common in the metropolitan cities of India. Her family, though literate, does not know where to get the surgery done and the cost it will incur. They hesitantly plan to explore the unknown hospitals in Delhi. No one to guide, the trip is delayed unnecessarily until the lady departs on her heavenly abode leaving behind two innocent children lamenting.’

On a train journey, returning from the resting ground of the ill fated soul, I question myself – Am I so helpless? I don’t know whether I can make the scenario change or not but I decide to begin on my way. Even a single life saved could make my existence more meaningful than the daily, never ending struggle for livelihood. Few lines by Shri Hariwansh Rai Bacchan inspire the beginning of my journey……. “Koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti…!’’

Few doctor friends conceive this idea to wield the mobile technology to spread medical awareness and guide the masses to utilize the best possible health facilities available within their geographical and financial boundaries. We have to save innocent masses from the clutches of the money hungry corporate hospitals and their conscience-less doctors who prescribe angiography, angioplasty and other surgeries to every second patient irrespective of its genuine need, just to siphon off money. We are human beings, and we decide to show compassion towards, at least someone, who is sick and ill-equipped to handle his sickness. This is how freedoctorhelpline comes into existence as a non profit oriented venture just to make us feel more human!


Mission Statement

Freedoctorhelpline aims to change the current healthcare paradigms and become the World’s prominent and most trusted virtual health care organization by:

• Providing the highest quality information service for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illnesses.

• Reducing the health information asymmetry by providing patients the information, the choice and the ability to make the right health decisions.

• Attracting, supporting and accrediting physicians and other health care professionals of the highest calibre and providing them the support structure and amenities to promote widest reach of quality medical care.

• Continually researching, innovating and developing technological intellectual property and tools towards best possible virtual care for the whole world.

We provide the general public remote access to quality healthcare services by informing them about the best of clinicians/ Healthcare consultants from India and across Western countries, through a simple whatsapp/SMS or E-mail.

We guide you to everything medicalfreedoctorhelpline India healthcare medical opinion advice guide hospital doctor best hospital online and empower you to take informed decisions regarding your health at every stage – be it selecting the right doctor, saving you from the pains of an unnecessary surgery or how to manage a situation of crisis.


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