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1 year ago

Vaginal dryness and bleeding after sex

Hello, I have been suffering vaginal dryness for a while. Therefore my muscles contract involuntarily during sex and I have also been experiencing vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse. I know this is a common problem with more mature women, but I am just 23 and a bit concerned. It has been happening every time I have sex with my partner. I am in a long-term relationship, so I don\’t change my partners.

1 year ago

Vaginal dryness and bleeding after sex

Hello, I have been suffering vaginal dryness for a while. Therefore my muscles contract involuntarily during sex and I have also been experiencing vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse. I know this is a common problem with more mature women, but I am just 23 and a bit concerned. It has been happening every time I have sex with my partner. I am in a long-term relationship, so I don\’t change my partners.

3 years ago

Answer for NON STOP BLEEDING from high protein diet?

The following factors are responsible for your current complication:

  1. Very high intake of protein
  2. Sudden rigorous exercises
  3. Hormonal imbalance caused due to the above two
  4. Transexamic acid is just an immediate relief. It cant cure the underlying factors.
  5. PCOS (Suspected)


  1. Immediately stop the high protein diet and get back to regular diet
  2. Stop all exercises temporarily
  3. Get a lower abdomen ultrasound and complete hormone profiling to rule out PCOS

3 years ago

Answer for menstrual-bleeding

Prolonged bleeding might be due to hormonal imbalance, ovarian cyst or uterine fibroid. Please consult a gynaecologist and get ultrasound and blood tests done.

3 years ago

Answer for Bleeding during pregnancy

Slight bleeding or spotting is common during first trimester of pregnancy. If the bleeding is heavy, your doctor might prescribe progesterone pills or tablets.

3 years ago

NON STOP BLEEDING from high protein diet?

Hi there,

I was never into gymming or diets until November 2016. I decided to join a high end (money sucking) gym for 12weeks with a goal of losing 15kgs. With this a “personalised” diet plan was also given according to my weight 75kgs and height 162cms. Age 27.

The daily macros given to me were:
100g carbs
180g protein ( i felt sick each day with this amount of protein)
30g fat

Two weeks into following this diet i noticed my period was heavier then normal and lasted for two weeks. Before starting this diet my periods were always on time, lasting for 5-6days.

The following month my period was heavy again and lasted for three weeks.

The month after i bled non stop for three months! I was bleeding like crazy and as a result of this ended up quitting from my full time job.

I saw my gyno and she put me on transexamic acid to stop the bleeding.

After taking the transexamic acid i did not bleed for the next three months, which was a little worrying and was told that if i did not bleed in the fourth month then the bleeding would have to be induced.

I decided to workout a little the following day and i was happy and somewhat scared to see that i was bleeding again.

Again, the bleeding went on for two months and transexamic acid was to the rescue.

The same pattern has been occuring till this day!

Due to all the bleeding ive now got stage three anemia. Ended up in emergency recently for blood transfusion and now due for iron infusion.

The gyno thinks ive got PCOS – although my testosterone and insulin levels are fine. Also, no cysts are visible on the ultrasound on my ovaries. No one in my family has history of PCOS.

The endocrinologist said the high protein diet has set my hormones out of balance and that was a dangerous amount of protein to be consuming.

I asked a lot of senior personal trainers from different gyms if high protein diet can cause this and they all said DEFINITELY and were shocked that i was given diet of a bodybuilder.

Its been nearly two years of just doctors, medications, cramps, tiredness, and blood and blood and more blood.

I’m giving up on doctors and the medications. I cant rely on medications all my life. I fear i may not be able to have kids in the future due to the damage this is causing

I just feel helpless…

Is there anyone out there that knows or knows someone who can help me get better before i bleed to death?

3 years ago


Hi doctor, I am 25 yr old recently suffering pronlonged menstrual bleeding for more than 20 days. The bleeding is not severe but not stopping. Normally my period is cycle of 33 days with 8 days bleeding. I m 5 feet 2 iinch in height & weight of 47 kg. please advise

3 years ago

Answer for meds-to-fight-pneumonia-and-vaginal-bleeding

Moxifloxacin is an antibiotics which can make your cycle irregular. Nothing to worry. You will regain back your normal cycle once you stop the antibiotics.

3 years ago

Answer for difference-between-implantation-bleeding-and-period

There area unit many alternative signs and symptoms of gestation and most of them mimic the upcoming arrival of your amount. Bleeding, interestingly enough, may be a signal that you simply area unit pregnant, and that we see this as ‘implantation bleeding’. though implantation harm isn’t that common it’s one thing that a lot of ladies have considerations concerning. Implantation harm may confuse the dates your nurse might offer you for your estimate birth date, supported the primary day of your last discharge amount.
When you do see your nurse they’re going to raise you once your last discharge amount was and additionally if it absolutely was ‘lighter’ than traditional. From this they will deduce whether or not or not this was Associate in Nursing implantation bleed and ‘date’ your gestation as four weeks earlier. this is often vital once it involves temporal arrangement your twelve week or ‘dating’ scan; too late and you will miss the window for a few of the screening tests that area unit offered.
What is implantation?
Once your egg has been fertilized it then should travel through your uterine tube, into your uterus and burrow into the liner of your uterus, or ‘implant’. This stage sometimes takes around seven days from fertilisation. The rule of thumb is that organic process happens around {two weeks|fortnight|time amount|period of time|period} when the primary day of your last period, and fertilisation around 24-36 hours when organic process.
To confuse things a trifle additional, spermatozoon will survive for up to seven days, therefore the day that you simply had intercourse might not be the date you formed. spermatozoon will simply wait up to per week in your uterine tube for the egg, that in distinction can sometimes solely live for 24-36 hours. Your conception date is all to try to to with once your body free your egg.
As with everything in nature, our bodies ne’er appear to follow the textbook and a few folks might unleash our eggs days before or when day fourteen. while not knowing once the egg was free it’s troublesome so much|thus far|up to now|to this point} pregnancies accurately and it’s for this reason that we have a tendency to use your amount and their traditional length and cycle because the reference for the way far on in gestation you’re.
The graph below shows the passage of your time for gestation in somebody with a twenty eight day oscillation.
Day 1: first day of your period
Day seven – 15: Intercourse
Day 14: ovulation
Day 14-15: Fertilisation
Day 21: Implantation (with potential bleeding)
Day 28: period due positive pregnancy test and four weeks pregnant
What’s the distinction between implantation bleeding and a normal period?
You would sometimes have expected your period some days to per week when any implantation bleeding. It’s extraordinarily simple to mistake the implantation harm for Associate in Nursing ‘early period’ as several of the pre-menstrual symptoms, like cramps, bloating and mood changes area unit present with gestation too. The distinction with a amount Associate in Nursingd an implantation bleed is that the length of the bleeding, the color of the blood loss and also the heaviness of the blood flow. A amount would commonly last 4-7 days and be heavier, with a uniform flow of blood and darken to red. Implantation bleeding sometimes begins as brown or pink and remains extraordinarily lightweight.
How long will implantation bleeding last?
Implantation bleeding sometimes lasts around one -2 days, however will last something from some hours to recognizing on and off for several days, and be extraordinarily lightweight, and keep lightweight. like everything, everyone seems to be totally different, and some ladies might feel that the implantation harm lasts as long as their amount.
What will implantation bleeding look like?
The blood is sometimes brown or pink and is sometimes contained in an exceedingly step-in liner, instead of a hygienical pad. it’s totally different from the darker red blood related to a amount, but many ladies begin their amount with this kind of blood loss and if they’re not expecting to be pregnant might mistake it for a amount. most girls with implantation harm can feel that their amount was early, Very light and use words like ‘spotting’. This ‘spotting’ might continue for 2-4 days in some ladies, and for those not expecting to be pregnant might merely mistake this for a ‘light’ amount and assume nothing else of it, till they miss their next amount

3 years ago

Answer for vaginal-bleeding

Ovulation bleeding in slight amount is not unusual. Moreover, slight bleeding now and then is again common during teen age due to hormonal imbalance. Brownish discharge during initial days of bleeding occur because few clots and some blood from the previous cycle remains trapped somewhere inside which gets released during the initial flow. This makes the flow brown. As the doctor had already detected few cysts earlier, please investigate further to rule out PCOS i.e. polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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