A healthy lifestyle and healthy life is nothing but the outcome of religious follow up of the health and food habits. If you are aiming for a healthy life and healthy living, don’t worry it is not a far-fetched unattainable dream. It is actually very easy and to show you how and to testify the former statement here are 10 easy and simple health and food habits that would take you closer to your aim. They are simple and little habits to follow and implicate them in your daily routine for a healthier you!

  1. Say no to skipping breakfast: Don’t ever skip on breakfasts instead make it a wholesome, fuller breakfast to break the nightlong fast! Add oats, whole-wheat sandwich, and other wholesome grains in the breakfast and don’t forget ever.
  2. Eat properly: Don’t make the meal time a hushing affair! Make sure to sit properly and eat the food properly and yes, without any work, or t.v., or game, going on simultaneously. Enjoy the food and don’t hurry. Eating slow and properly would also make sure that the food is chewed properly.
  3. Switch to healthy cooking oils: Switch to healthier cooking oils with low-trans fat and high nutritional value. And make food healthier.
  4. Walk your way: Walking or rather any physical exercise or activity is very important to ensure proper digestion of food and an active and healthy body. You know the rules, skip the elevators; take the stairs, the goal is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day! Use Google health app to monitor your daily walks and physical exertions and also it would ensure no cheating along with precision.
  5. Fruit up: Add fruits in your diet and fill your health requirements for the day. The most important and easy habit is the fruitful habit.
  6. Add vinegar: Vinegar helps in digestion and prevents the food from sticking up. Cut down on salt and try vinegar instead for a healthy food habit.
  7. Cut down on sugar: As much as possible cut down on the sugar intakes in your diet.
  8. High up on the protein intake: Protein is the building block of our body and is very essential too, try and increase the protein intake in your diet for a healthy you! Egg, Broccoli, Lentils, Asparagus, are high on protein and ensure the daily need of protein is met.
  9. Chew well: Make sure to chew your food well as that is the primary way to proper digestion. Don’t gulp down the food, take time, chew it well! It has dual benefits. While well chewed food gets digested easily and faster than the food not chewed properly, it is also an exercise as it burns calories.
  10. Green tea for health: Green tea is high in antioxidants and help increase the metabolic rate. It also has skin benefits. Include green tea in the regime and see the wonders!
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