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The Best Way to Lose Weight When You Have PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition, a hormonal disorder which affects women during their
reproductive age. Nowadays, PCOS is becoming a serious concern among the society because around every 1 in 10 women is now being detected with PCOS. This health problem makes the ovary produce a higher number of clustered fluids which thereby fails the ovary to release eggs and affects fertility.

PCOS generally lasts long for years or may sometimes even last a lifetime. Treatments will definitely help you to recover, however, there is no exact cure for PCOS. Laboratory test and imaging are required to detect the conditions of PCOS. Medical diagnosis is essential to test it. PCOS generally caused due to hormonal imbalance and affects the ovary. Women suffering from PCOS tend to produce higher amounts of male hormone or androgen. And this type of hormonal imbalance leads to skipping of their menstrual periods and may also decrease their chances of getting pregnant.  

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The best ways to lose weight when you have PCOS:

  • Change your lifestyle: Changing your daily routines, habits, and regime can definitely help you in shedding some pounds. Sticking to one chair and table will not help. Change your routines. Start making movements.
  • Workouts and exercises: Always try to spare some time and dedicate them to exercise your body and follow some workout sessions, every morning and/or evening. Try starting with simple warm-up sessions and slowly increase the timings and repeats of a workout.
  • Increase your daily activities: Apart from the regular workouts or exercises, you even need to increase your daily activities routine and engage yourself in as many different varieties of activities as possible, throughout the day. Keep yourself busy and engaged in activities.
    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in females

  • Minimize your stress: Give your health your first priority. Stay away from any type of stress. Keep your minds free and refreshed. Do what pleases you and don’t forget to relax your mind. Be positive and stay healthy.
  • Keep breathing: Start taking deep breaths in between your routines. Try some deep breathing yoga or exercises. Always spare few minutes to breathe with a feel of exhaling and inhaling. Take a moment to breathe in fresh air.
  • Avoid processed food: Try to keep yourselves away from processed and packaged foods like bread, pasta, noodles, canned juices, cookies, etc. that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Consuming these products are not providing you any vitamins or minerals, rather they are making you undernourished. Stay away from consuming any extra calories.
  • Increase your vegetable intake: Include lots of veggies and salads in your daily menu. Do maintain a proper nourished diet plan full of veggies. Vegetables and salads are rich in fibers and nutrients and are low in calories. Also, try to consume different colors of vegetables because every veggie color contains a different nutrient, essentially beneficial for your health and weight loss regime.

Health gain today is one of the major concern among the youth. And PCOS is such a problem that it directly increases your weight rapidly. However, women try best possible ways to control and lose their weight even if they have PCOS. Although it is not an easy task, yes, it is possible if you are ready to struggle and make that extra effort.

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