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Roles of Mental Health Nurses | Psychiatric Mental Health

People with mental health problems or disorders are often defamed, dishonored and side-lined in our communities. Caring and assisting these people is valuable and a satisfying. Today, mental health nurses are in high demands in the psychiatry. They play key vital roles in the processes of psychiatric care and also form a crucial part of today’s healthcare system.

Mental Health Nursing is a specialized field of nursing practice which is dedicated to providing solutions to mental health and physical disorders through treatments, diagnosis, and assessment of human mind with the help of science. Mental Health Nurses work alongside with psychiatrists to care and administer psychiatric treatment.

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Mental health nurses are professionals who work meticulously with patients suffering from mental health issues. They are experts in diagnosing, evaluating and treating people with psychiatric problems. Generally, they work within a team of experts, professionals, and doctors to deliver total medical solutions for the patients. These professions require a person who is has a strong understanding power, excellent team-working skill, stamina, strength and the ability to deal and empathize people.

role of Mental Health nurse

The role of Mental Health Nurses may be exhaustive, both physically as well as mentally. However, it also offers great rewards because they are the one who works directly to cure and progress the lives of thousands of patients.

Major Roles and Responsibilities of a Mental Health Nurse are:

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  • To assess and plan the nursing care requirements.
  • To plan and offer the required nursing care to people with disorders looking for medical services in hospitals or in the home.
  • To provide psychotherapy, personal care, and medications to patients.
  • To listen, talk, motivate and build relationships with their patients.
  • To administer patient treatments and medications while monitoring their results.
  • To strengthen their relationship with associated persons using the service and assist them in taking their medications appropriately.
  • To agree and review their patient’s care routine and monitor regular progress.
  • To offer advice and arrange support for the patients and their relatives.
  • To link with experts, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.
  • To take care of patients and respond to their needs.
  • To de-escalate stressful conditions and help patients overcome their challenges.
  • To assess the risks involved, if any.
  • To prepare medical writing reports and updating patient records from time to time.
  • To evaluate and assess the mental health requirements of patients.


Mental health nurse work in different mixed surroundings of medical illness, generally located either in hospitals or in communities where the majority of mental health care services are offered. They devote their long precious hours to serve these patients. Their range of patients with mental illness including few acute conditions vary from a very young age to a very old person, thus presenting a unique and challenging service to the society.

Therefore, Mental Health Nurses are distinguished individuals making a difference to the society and especially to lives of people who wait to laugh and cry for the good. the roles and offerings of mental health nurses are assorted, challenging and yet very demanding and interesting. They truly play a vital role in curing, advancing and recovering the health of suffering patients.

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