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How to Use Prega News Kit

Prega News Kit is a very safe and reliable product to diagnose and test your pregnancy by yourself. These kits can be used at your home or in hospitals, as per your comfort. Prega News kit can be bought from any local medical store near you, across the countries. It is only a physical product and it does not have any linkage with the functions of your body or body parts.

HOW to Find out your Prega News Kit test Result?

Check for your pregnancy after 1 month of your missed menstruation. The test results are indicated by pink lines in the kit card. If only 1 pink line appears on the card then it means that the result is negative and you are not pregnant. On the contrary, if 2 pink lines appear on the card then it means that the result is positive and you are pregnant. Furthermore, if you don’t find any pink lines on the card then you can infer that the test was void and can be repeated for confirmation. If the results are invalid or void then it may also indicate that you were not able to use the card properly with the urine.

When We should Use Prega News Kit?

Tests are generally to be used after you miss your periods, i.e., either on the first day when you miss your period or on the next day or after that. However, you can also use the kit for testing before your period starts, there is no harm in that. The result will in anyway be correct. Generally, after testing, the kit card shows you the result within 5 minutes.

Can We Use one Prega News Kit twice ?

Each test kit is to be used only once and should not be reused again for the test. For every test reconfirmations you may need to get a separate prega news kit set. Full instructions of how to use the kit is also mentioned in the kit cover. Simply follow the instructions mentioned overleaf. If you have missed your menstrual cycle and yet tested negative, then you need to consult a doctor regarding your missed/missing period.

 Right Time for PNK Test

It is recommended that you test for your pregnancy during your morning urine cycle because the first morning urine contains a high amount of pregnancy hormone known as HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. This hormone is found in the first morning urine of a pregnant female and therefore this tool is used to confirm your pregnancy. However, it is just a recommendation and not a rule. You may also use this prega news kit during the day time or at any point of time as per your convenience, with a fresh urine. Any urine that gets stored in your urinary bladder for more than 4-5 hours gets high on HCG hormone present in the urine. For this, drinking of water can also be helpful.

Feeling unsatisfied After first test

After making a first attempt for the test, if you still feel unsatisfied, then you may anytime repeat the test for sure without any second thought of safety concerns. For your information, there are no side effects of using a prega news kit. You can repeat your pregnancy test after 1 week or so.

How Accurate Test Results it Gives?

The test results are about 97-99% accurate. However, these inaccuracies may vary from brand to brand or depending on its handling. Several clinics and hospitals also use these kits for testing. They either detect and test from your urine sample or from your blood test sample. The presence of HCG hormone in your urine or in your blood is to be tested for the confirmation.

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