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How to Lead a Healthier Office Life?

Today is an era of Globalization and an Era of competition. With the advancement of technology, expansion of businesses and integration of cultures, life is getting tougher and competitive day by day.  It is really almost next to impossible to survive and sustain in this competitive environment without dreaming big and excelling in your career. Each one of us dreams to touch the heights and reach the peaks of success so as to create our own identity and fame. And, in this race, what we are leaving behind is our health!

A lot of things have changed in the working habits today. There was a time when people used to live in joint families, eat and work together and discussed on small matters with care and affection. But now, the patterns have totally changed. Today most of us live in nuclear families and work from 9 am to 6 pm at different places where we hardly get time for our own selves. We get so much engaged with office stuff, files, meetings, appointments, documentation, planning, execution, implementation, etc. that we many times even miss our timely meals, drinking water, or taking medicines.

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Most of the corporate or office jobs today require us to sit at one place for long hours in continuation. We look, stare and work sticking to just one computer. Thus, not only harming our eyes but also stressing our mind and body. However, there are of course few tips which we may follow to lead a healthier office life.

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7 Ways to Get Healthier Office Life:

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  • The right body posture: Your body posture should be such that your backbones and neck should be straight. Many employees today complain of back pains or neck pain. And one of the major reason for these pains is your wrong sitting postures. So, always try to sit straight while working and keep your body posture correct.
  • Make movements: Always try to take small breaks in between your works after every around 30 minutes. Go for a minute walk or round, take a pause, refresh and then resume your works with another smile. Smile because you gave your body a movement.
  • Blink your eyes: Don’t forget to blink your eyes and keep it moving in between your work routines. It is really crucial that a when you sit in front of a screen, you should also remember that you blink in between.
  • De-stress your mind: In most of the cases it has been found that office environments and desk jobs are loaded with work pressures and stress. However, it is really important for us to relax our mind and keep it calm and happy. Have a cup of tea or take a stare outside your office window, obviously with a sweet smile. If you still find yourself stressed then don’t forget to take a deep breath and exhale with positivity.
  • Drink enough Liquids: In the flow of work, we often forget to drink water. But hey, stop! Drinking water or any other liquid throughout your day is really essential. Try to drink at least 4 to 6 liters of water daily and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Have enough sleep: Always follow a routine and try to sleep at least for 6 to 8 hours daily. A good sleep at night gives you the energy to work throughout the day with open minds and thoughts. You feel fresh and organized.
  • Healthy peer relationships: Carry a smile, greet your peers and co-workers, mingle with them and keep your communications strong. If your relationships with your co-workers, seniors, and juniors are strong then that will definitely give you a positive strength and aid you in living a healthier office life.


Remember, these are only a few tips to lead a healthy office life. There are many more ways to improve your work life even better and healthier. Try to live happily, keep smiling and love yourself.  The rays of positivity and the strength of your inner zeal can never stop you from leading a healthy office life.

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All the best!

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