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Too Emotional and Sensitive – Post, Discuss and Resolve

Often very delicate individuals are over and over again seen as feeble or broken. In any case being sensitive or emotional isn’t a side effect of shortcoming, it is normal for a really alive and sympathetic individual. It isn’t the delicate individual who is broken, it is society’s understanding that has turned out to be useless and demotivating at times. There should be no shame in expressing our authentic feelings. People who are considered as too emotional or sensitive are the ones who still are keeping the dream alive for a more thoughtful, caring human world.

Now the point here is that being emotional or sensitive is not bad it’s rather healthy. But this nature at a certain point can end up being harmful. Balancing our sensitivity along with common sense, confidence and resilience are very important for any individual.  Try to create healthy boundaries and not rigid emotional walls. A highly sensitive person will try to build walls or we can say emotional walls to prevent himself from an uncomfortable situation. Physical walls, such as piling on layers of weight to hide behind.  Mental walls, such as being one with alcohol or drugs. 

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If you struggle or find difficulty in putting your needs at the first priority (which doesn’t come naturally to a highly sensitive person), practice the skill of saying “No” with love and grace, or taking out alone time to recharge and decide to feel good about that.

resolve too Emotional and Sensitive Nature

Ways to resolve too Emotional and Sensitive Nature

Make yourself aware of the negative
Impacts of high sensitivity

Neuroscientists have found out that our emotional sensitivity is linked to our genes. Some are also linked to oxytocin (the hormone which is responsible for love and feelings between humans. If you have higher levels of oxytocin it will make more sensitive to even small things. This increased sensitivity is actually linked to a gene that influences a hormone called norepinephrine, a stress hormone that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain which triggers attention and responses

Avoid Judging Yourself

People with highly sensitive nature are often made fun of or insulted by certain names.

Challenge negative comments by re-framing it. It is possible and important to learn to control your emotions more effectively. If you are a naturally sensitive person, you must learn to accept it. You can become less sensitive or emotional with practice, but you will never be a completely different person and you should not try to. Just try to be the better version of you.

Stay Positive

Our brain is like a filter. If you fill it with bad thoughts and experiences your brain will only try to find negativity in every aspect. On the other hand, vice versa is also true. If you fill your brain with all the positivity and enthusiasm and think about the world as a loving place you will find more loving opportunities.

Find out situations when you get too sensitive

This task is not difficult as the person himself knows when he becomes too sensitive towards something. Find the reason out and try to look into it more carefully and thoughtfully that what made you react too sensitively for that and train your brain accordingly for future. Fortunately, we can re-train our brain and put in new patterns.

Find time to Meditate

Meditation is a wonderful and effective way to manage your emotions. It can even improve brain’s reaction to several stresses. For this task, you can join classes or can learn to do it on your own as there are several tutorials available online for the same. Spend about 15 minutes in meditation on weekdays and when you are free to extend it to 30 minutes if possible.

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