Heena asked 3 years ago

Hi ..i m 25 years old .i had irregular periods since menarch. In 2016 may i was diagnosed with pcos .n she prescribed me with glucophage but it didnt suit me .then another dr told me to take progyluton for 3 months .when I was taking those medicine it was fine the periods where normal.after stopping progyluton it has been 2months i didnt get my periods .what should I do now?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 2 years ago

There is no cure however, however there square measure some ways you’ll be able to decrease or eliminate PCOS symptoms and feel higher. Your doctor might provide completely different medicines which will treat symptoms like irregular periods, acne, excess hair, and elevated blood glucose. Fertility treatments square measure out there to assist girls get pregnant. Losing as very little as five-hitter excess weight will facilitate girls expel additional often and reduce different PCOS symptoms. the best thanks to try this is thru nutrition and exercise.
You may feel that it’s troublesome to lose excess weight and keep it off, however it’s necessary to continue the hassle. Your efforts facilitate scale back the danger for developing serious health complications which will impact girls with PCOS abundant earlier than girls while not PCOS. the most important health issues square measure polygenic disease, heart condition, and stroke as a result of PCOS is joined to having high pressure level, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterin.

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